Saket Burman

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Birth Year: 1976
Birth Place: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Residence: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Citizenship: British
Occupation: Businessman
Board member of: Dabur International
Parent(s): Sidharth Burman Indira Burman

Saket Burman

Saket Burman was born on 1976 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom. Newcomer to the Forbes Billionaire ranks, Saket Burman is the sixth generation member of the storied Burman clan that founded Dabur, India's fourth largest consumer goods company. He inherited a 12.4% stake and a board seat in Dabur from his father Siddharth Burman, who died in 2015. Other assets include property and financial investments. Burman founded and sold an IT company. He is a member of Mumbai Angels, a group that backs startups. He shuttles between homes in Dubai, London and Delhi.
Saket Burman is a member of Food and Beverage

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Burman has a bachelor's degree in marketing and Finance from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He is the son of Sidharth Burman, who died in 2015, when he inherited a 12.4% stake in Dabur, the Indian consumer goods company. His mother is Indira Burman.

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