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Birth Year: 1926
Birth Place: Geneva, Switzerland, France
Residence: Geneva, Switzerland
Occupation: Founder, Castel Group

Pierre Castel & family

Pierre Castel & family was born on 1926 in Geneva, Switzerland, France. Started in Bordeaux in 1949 by nine siblings, Groupe Castel is now run by Pierre Castel and his family. The beverage giant, which makes beer, wine and soft drinks, expanded into developing markets including Africa, where they built 45 breweries and invested in sugar cane crops to stock their soda business. They now have 1,600 hectares of vineyard in Africa and 17 estates in Morocco, Tunisia and Ethiopia. In France, the group owns 21 vineyards. The group sells 4.6 billion bottles a year, and produce 640 million bottles of wine annually. Despite its lengthy grape history, the first Castel branded wine - Castel Malbec - only began retailing in 2012, targeting the under $10 market.
Pierre Castel & family is a member of Food and Beverage

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Pierre Jesus Sebastian Castel founded the Castel Group in Bordeaux in 1949, along with his eight siblings.


According to Forbes, Castel & family have a net worth of $10.1 billion, as of March 2015.


Castel and his family are listed at number 125 on Forbes’ list of global billionaires. He and his family are also ranked the 6th richest in France.

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