Luigi Cremonini

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Birth Year: 1939
Birth Place: Modena, Italy, Italy
Residence: Modena, Italy
Occupation: businessman
Spouse(s): married
Children: 4

Luigi Cremonini

Luigi Cremonini was born on 1939 in Modena, Italy, Italy. Born to poor farmers in an Italian village near Modena, Luigi Cremonini started a small butcher shop in 1963. Through his Cremonini Group, the meat king now supplies food to places like McDonald's in Italy, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Russia. Its meat production division, one of three subsidiaries, makes more hamburgers than anyone else in Italy and gets half of its revenue from outside of Italy. Another subsidiary, publicly traded Marr, is Italy's largest food-service distributor, and sells food on English Eurostar trains, Belgium's Thalys service and on trains in Turkey and Russia. The Cremonini Group has $3.6 billion in annual revenue.
Luigi Cremonini is a member of Food and Beverage

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In 1963, Cremonini opened, with his brother Giuseppe a small butcher's shop, the milestone of the pan-European Cremonini Group, with an annual turnover of meat products of $3.6 billion, and Marr, Italy's largest food-service distributor.


Cremonini was born in 1939, into a poor farming family near Modena, Italy. He studied farming in Bologna. On May 23 1994, the University of Bologna awarded him the honorary degree in Veterinary Medicine.

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