Lee Man Tat

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Birth Year: 1929
Residence: Hong Kong
Occupation: Businessman
Title: Chairman, Lee Kum Kee
Spouse(s): married
Children: 5
Parent(s): Lee Siu-nam
Relatives: Lee Kum-sheung (grandfather)

Lee Man Tat

Lee Man Tat was born on 1929. The bulk of the family's fortune come from Lee Kum Kee, the world's largest maker of oyster sauce. The group is currently chaired by 88-year-old Lee Man Tat, who passed on the rein of the mainstay sauce business to his son Charlie. The younger Lee now oversees an extensive distribution network in more than 100 countries that's supported by five factories in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Los Angeles. Another son Sammy heads group company LKK Health Products. All three of his other children, Eddy, David and Elizabeth, have worked in the Hong Kong-based business. In August 2017 the family expanded into Europe with the $1.7 billion acquisition of a skyscraper known as the Walkie Talkie, whose three-floor rooftop Sky Garden has become a popular attraction in central London.
Lee Man Tat is a member of Food and Beverage

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Lee Man Tat was born in Macau in 1929. He is the eldest son of Lee Siu-nam, who was the third son of Lee Kum-sheung, who founded the company and invented oyster sauce in Zhuhai in 1888.


Lee joined Lee Kum Kee and took over the running of the company from his Father in 1972, when he bought out his uncles with the help of his Father. In 1986, he bought his younger brother's 40% stake.


Lee is married, with five children, and lives in Hong Kong. His eldest son, Lee Wai-chung, joined the Business in 1985.

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