J. Christopher Reyes

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Who is it?: Co-Chairman, Reyes Holdings
Birth Year: 1953
Birth Place: Hobe Sound, Florida, United States
Residence: Hobe Sound, Florida, US
Alma mater: University of Maryland
Occupation: Co-chairman, Reyes Holdings
Spouse(s): Anne N. Reyes
Children: 4
Parent(s): Joseph Reyes Frances Collins
Relatives: Jude Reyes (brother)

J. Christopher Reyes

J. Christopher Reyes was born on 1953 in Hobe Sound, Florida, United States, is Co-Chairman, Reyes Holdings. Chris Reyes and his brother Jude co-chair Reyes Holdings, a $26.5 billion (sales) food and beverage distribution company. Reyes Beverage Group distributes 151 million cases of beer each year. The company started by their father with a small Schlitz beer distributor in South Carolina purchased for $740,000 in 1974. Divisions include food distributors Reinhardt Food and Martin Brower, beer distributor Reyes Beverage Group and bottler Great Lakes Coca-Cola. In May 2017, Reyes announced that its soda distribution business would be expanding into California and Nevada. Clients include Heineken, Lagunitas, McDonald's and Chick-Fil-A.
J. Christopher Reyes is a member of Food and Beverage

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He was born in 1953, the eldest son of Joseph A. Reyes and Frances "Frannie" Marie Reyes (nee Collins) (1925-2013). He has seven brothers and one sister, M. Jude Reyes, David K. Reyes, william F. Reyes, John J. Reyes, James V. Reyes, Julie Reyes Taubman, Thomas A. Reyes, and Stephen Reyes (died before 2013).


He began his Business career by purchasing a small Schlitz beer distribution Business in Spartanburg, South Carolina with his brother and Father. Running all aspects of the operation with his brother, the firm aggressively acquired beer distribution businesses and brands. Since 1976, Reyes Holdings has acquired more than 115 beer distribution operations. In April 1998, the firm expanded beyond beer distribution with the purchase of the Martin-Brower Company, a dedicated McDonald's distribution Business operating primarily in the US.


A Republican, he has donated $25,250 to former Illinois Lieutenant Governor Corinne Wood. From 1994 to 2007, he donated $80,200 to the Illinois Republican Party and the Lake County Republican Party committees. He also donated $100,000 to Two Party System, Inc., a Republican PAC.


Reyes is married to Anne N. Reyes, they have four children and live in Hobe Sound, Florida. In 2010, he bought a house with 44 acres in Aspen, Colorado for $47.5 million.

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