Jude Reyes

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Who is it?: Co-Chairman, Reyes Holdings
Birth Year: 1955
Birth Place: Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Residence: Palm Beach, Florida, US
Alma mater: Wofford College
Occupation: Co-chairman, Reyes Holdings
Spouse(s): Lori Welch Reyes
Children: 3
Relatives: J. Christopher Reyes (brother)

Jude Reyes

Jude Reyes was born on 1955 in Palm Beach, Florida, United States, is Co-Chairman, Reyes Holdings. Together Jude Reyes and his brother Chris run Reyes Holdings, a $26.5 billion (sales) food and beverage distribution company. A third brother, David "Duke" Reyes, owns an estimated 10% stake. Brothers James and Tom are executives at Reyes Beverage Group. Their father started the company with a small Schlitz beer distributor in South Carolina purchased for $740,000 in 1974. Divisions include food distributors Reinhardt Food and Martin Brower, beer distributor Reyes Beverage Group and bottler Great Lakes Coca-Cola. In May 2017, Reyes Holdings announced that its soda distribution business would be expanding into California and Nevada.
Jude Reyes is a member of Food and Beverage

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Jude Reyes was born in 1955 in Washington DC. He earned a bachelor's degree from Wofford College.


According to Forbes, Reyes has a net worth of $3.9 billion, as of January 2015.

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