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Birth Year: 1941
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, United States
Residence: Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Education: North High School, Evansville, Indiana
Alma mater: Middle Tennessee State University (dropped out)
Occupation: Businessman
Known for: founder, chairman and majority owner of Trident Seafoods
Spouse(s): Diane Bundrant
Children: 3

Chuck Bundrant

Chuck Bundrant was born on 1941 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Chuck Bundrant is the chairman and cofounder of Trident Seafoods, the largest vertically integrated seafood company in North America. Trident Seafoods harvests, processes and markets frozen and fresh seafood and has operations in China, Japan and Germany. In the 1970s he partnered with two crab fishermen and they created the Bilikin, the first boat to feature crab cookers and freezing equipment onboard Today the $2.6 billion (est. sales) company sells Alaskan wild-caught salmon, cod and pollock at retailers like Costco and Safeway. Bundrant is credited with popularizing pollock, which was considered a trash fish. He sells it to chains like Long John Silver's and McDonald's.
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Somebody's here at 6 in the morning and someone is here at 10 at night. That's commitment and that's what makes Trident number one.



He graduated from North High School, Evansville, Indiana, in 1960. He spent a short time at Middle Tennessee State University, before dropping out, and moving to Alaska.


Bundrant is married to Diane Bundrant, with three children, and lives in Seattle. His son, Joe Bundrant, has been CEO of Trident since 2013.

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