Luca Barilla

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Birth Year: 1959
Birth Place: Parma, Italy, Italy
Residence: Parma, Italy
Title: chairman of Barilla Group
Parent(s): Pietro Barilla
Relatives: Guido Barilla (brother) Paolo Barilla (brother)

Luca Barilla

Luca Barilla was born on 1959 in Parma, Italy, Italy. Luca Barilla is a fourth-generation heir to the Barilla pasta firm, which he shares with his three siblings, Paolo, Guido and Emanuella. Barilla is the largest pasta company in the world with an estimated $3.7 billion in total sales. Luca is the company's chairman. Founded in 1877 in Parma, Italy, Barilla had three generations of family leaders before selling to American company W.R. Grace in 1971. Eight years later, Pietro Barilla, Luca's father, bought Barilla back. Pietro's four children share ownership of the family company, which employs more than 8,000 people in Europe, Mexico and the U.S.
Luca Barilla is a member of Food and Beverage

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