Katarina Martinson

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Birth Year: 1981
Birth Place: Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden
Residence: Stockholm, Sweden
Alma mater: Stockholm School of Economics
Board member of: Husqvarna L E Lundbergforetagen
Spouse(s): Mr Martinson
Parent(s): Fredrik Lundberg
Relatives: Lars Erik Lundberg (grandfather) Louise Lindh (sister)

Katarina Martinson

Katarina Martinson was born on 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden. Katarina Martinson and her sister Louise Lindh each own a 14% stake in their family's investment outfit L.E. Lundbergforetagen AB, which holds interests in property management and a variety of other investments, including a pulp and paper company. Both also have board seats in the group companies along with their father Fredrik Lundberg. The company was founded by Fredrik's father Lars in 1944 as a construction outfit. Fredrik took over management of the firm in 1981. Lindh runs the groups' real estate outfit. Martinson is a board member at seven of the group's companies, including the industrial group Indutrade and power tool maker Husqvarna.
Katarina Martinson is a member of Diversified

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She was born in 1981, the daughter of Fredrik Lundberg. She has a master's degree from the Stockholm School of Economics.

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