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Birth Year: 1954
Birth Place: Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Residence: Nottinghamshire, England
Occupation: Industrialist
Children: 3

Anthony Langley

Anthony Langley was born on 1954 in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Tony Langley's journey started with the revival of his grandfather's failed engineering firm, F.S. Hunt & Co. The once successful Nottinghamshire, England based mining equipment manufacturer eventually dissolving in 1975. It was then that a 20-year-old Langley decided to pick up what was left of the business and start Langley Mining, which sold equipment to the U. K. coal industry. Joined by his father in 1978, the two navigated the company through a rapidly changing energy sector. Langley began to diversify and in 2000, he bought his first company, Clarke Chapman, a crane manufacturer. After hitting record sales thanks to the acquisition, Langley began buying more non-core, disposable sections of successful corporations. To date, Langley Holdings has made eight acquisitions in total and reached profits of $941 million in 2016.
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Anthony John Langley was born in December 1954. Langley lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife. The couple have 1 daughter, and 2 sons. Both sons work within Langley's organization.


Langley is the owner of Langley Holdings, an engineering group based in Retford, Nottinghamshire. The company owns over 70 subsidiaries, and employees over 4,000 people. Langley started the company in 1975, out of the ruins of his dissolved family Business. In 2000, Langley bought Clarke Chapman, and sales reached $75 million. This gave means to the growth of Langleys company, and the portfolio grew to the estimated $950 million revenue in 2015.


In May 2017, the Sunday Times estimated his net worth at £1.32 billion

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