Guy De Chauliac

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Who is it?: Surgeon and Physician
Birth Year: 1300
Birth Place: Chaulhac, French
Occupation: physician and surgeon
Notable works: Chirurgia Magna

Guy De Chauliac

Guy De Chauliac was born on 1300 in Chaulhac, French, is Surgeon and Physician. Guy de Chauliac was a popular surgeon of the Early Medieval Period. After completing his Master’s in medicine, he rapidly ascended to the position of physician and surgeon within a matter of few years. Apart from being a doctor and surgeon of great repute in France, he was also a personal physician to three different Popes. His famous work in Latin, called “Chirurgia Magna”, states the basics of surgery and covers ulcers, anesthesia, plasters and drugs. These were covered over an elaborate ‘seven-volume’ collection that was also translated into various languages for the accessibility of other surgeons. Apart from his famous works, Chauliac was also known as the man who ‘dared’. He dared to treat and serve patients afflicted with ‘Pestilences’ when all other doctors fled with fear. Among the first to describe and differentiate the two types of plagues, Guy de Chauliac took great pride in his work. He was also known as the ‘Father of Surgery’ and was an example of a surgeon who ‘bore his torch’ with flair and precision.
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"It was seemingly from books that [Chauliac] learned his surgery.... He may have used the knife when embalming the bodies of dead popes, but he was careful to avoid it on living patients".

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