Ramesh Chandra

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Birth Year: 1939
Birth Place: India
Residence: New Delhi
Education: IIT Kharagpur University of Southampton
Known for: founder of Unitech
Spouse(s): Dr.Pushpa Chandra

Ramesh Chandra

Ramesh Chandra was born on 1939 in India. Worth over $11 billion at his peak in 2007, Ramesh Chandra has yet to regain his billionaire status. His property developer Unitech, which he started in 1972, fell into trouble after it got embroiled in a telecom corruption scandal that led to younger son Sanjay being jailed for seven months last year. It recently settled a long-running dispute with partner Telenor by agreeing to sell its close to one third stake in their Uninor, whose telecom licenses were cancelled in the wake of a corruption scandal to the Norwegian firm. In a bid to reduce its $1 billion debt, Unitech is reportedly in talks with private equity firms to sell its two special economic zones and an IT park. A trained engineer, his wife is a doctor. Their family foundation has funded a school in Gurgaon.
Ramesh Chandra is a member of Real Estate

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Ramesh Chandra, was born in 1938/40 to a banker, and spent his formative years in Farrukhabad, a town in Uttar Pradesh. After finishing his schooling here, he joined IIT Kharagpur, where he studied structural engineering.


He is married to Dr. Pushpa Chandra, and has two children — Ajay Chandra and Sanjay Chandra.


He moved into real estate and civil engineering in 1985 to build middle-class homes and completed many prestigious projects in Gurgaon, UP, and Libya, among other middle-eastern countries. His publicly traded company, the Unitech Group The company is now largely under the management of two sons — Ajay Chandra and Sanjay Chandra with latter being in charge of Unitech Wireless. In 2011, Sanjay Chandra was implicated in the 2G spectrum case and was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation. Ramesh Chandra was jailed on 11 January 2016 on charges of cheating.

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