Orion Hindawi

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Who is it?: CEO, Tanium
Birth Year: 1980
Birth Place: Piedmont, California, United States
Education: B.A. University of California, Berkeley
Occupation: software entrepreneur
Known for: co-founder of Tanium, Inc.
Children: 1
Parent(s): David Hindawi

Orion Hindawi

Orion Hindawi was born on 1980 in Piedmont, California, United States, is CEO, Tanium. Orion Hindawi cofounded cybersecurity firm Tanium with his father David in 2007. The duo previously started BigFix, an IT software patching system that they sold to IBM for $400 million in 2010. By then, the Hindawis already had moved on to Tanium, building the software in secret for five years before unveiling a new, super-fast way to scan and control security across thousands of networked computers in a company. In September 2015, they raised $120 million from investors who valued Tanium at $3.5 billion. In February 2016, Orion took over as CEO from his father, but in practice he is co-managing Tanium with his dad. In November, Orion said in a media interview that Tanium may go public in 2017. Orion's father David was born in Baghdad, grew up in Israel, and went to UC Berkeley to earn a PhD. Orion also ended up at Berkeley in 1997, but dropped out before graduating to work with his father.
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In 2007, along with his Father, he founded the cybersecurity firm, Tanium. In September 2015, they raised $120 million in new funding that valued Tanium at $3.5 billion, making each of them a Billionaire. Tanium uses a novel approach to cybersecurity different from its main competitors Symantec and Intel’s McAfee which have a central data center that communicates directly with individual computers (and requiring a massive investment in data centers), Tanium instead uses a peer-to-peer system where each computer on a network talks to the computer adjacent to it, pooling data, and then relaying the information in a chain before sending it back to a single server. In February 2016, Orion took over as CEO from his Father.

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