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Who is it?: King of Holland from 1806 to 1810
Birth Day: September 02, 1778
Birth Place: Ajaccio, Dutch
Reign: 5 June 1806 – 1 July 1810
Successor: Louis II
Burial: Saint-Leu-la-Forêt
Spouse: Hortense de Beauharnais
Issue: Napoléon Charles, Prince Royal Louis II of Holland Napoleon III of France
Full name: Full name Louis Napoléon Bonaparte Louis Napoléon Bonaparte
House: Bonaparte
Father: Carlo Buonaparte
Mother: Letizia Ramolino
Religion: Roman Catholicism
Reference style: His Majesty
Spoken style: Your Majesty
Alternative style: Sire

Louis Bonaparte

Louis Bonaparte was born on September 02, 1778 in Ajaccio, Dutch, is King of Holland from 1806 to 1810. Louis Bonaparte served as the king of Holland from 1806 till 1810 yet he is better known for being the brother of Napoleon I than for his own achievements as a king! And this was not the only curse of being the brother of someone very famous and popular. Bonaparte, who stared his military career fighting under Napoleon I was a General by the time he was just 25! Even he himself was surprised at reaching such a high rank at quite a young age. Eventually he was made the king of Holland and his elder brother expected him to act according to his wishes. However, Louis retaliated as he was not in favor of letting anyone else govern over his country covertly. Thus he refused to join the Continental System which made his brother upset and soured the relationship between them. As the king of Holland he genuinely cared for his subjects and tried his best to bring about reforms. However, he suffered from certain psychological issues and was very soft natured. He was not the kind of man who had it in him to be an aggressive leader of a nation. He abdicated his throne and spent his later years in literary pursuits.
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As per our current Database, Louis Bonaparte has been died on 25 July 1846(1846-07-25) (aged 67)\nLivorno, Tuscany.

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When Louis Bonaparte die, Louis Bonaparte was 67 years old.

Popular As Louis Bonaparte
Occupation Leaders
Age 67 years old
Zodiac Sign Libra
Born September 02, 1778 (Ajaccio, Dutch)
Birthday September 02
Town/City Ajaccio, Dutch
Nationality Dutch

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Louis was married on 4 January 1802 to Hortense de Beauharnais, the daughter of the deceased general Alex Andre, Vicomte de Beauharnais and his wife Josephine Tascher de la Pagerie. Josephine was the first wife of Louis's brother Napoleon. Thus Hortense was also Louis's step-niece.


Hortense bore Louis's sons Napoleon Charles Bonaparte and Napoleon Louis Bonaparte in Paris, while Louis was in Holland. In 1806, Louis called for his son to be sent to him in Holland, but he was again refused by Hortense, who believed that her son would never be returned to France. When Louis appealed to his brother Napoleon for help, Napoleon sided with Hortense. Napoleon kept the boy in his own court, and he even had him named the heir to the French throne prior to the birth of his own son.


Two major tragedies occurred during the reign of Louis Bonaparte: the explosion of a cargo ship loaded with gunpowder in the heart of the city of Leiden in 1807, and a major flood in Holland in 1809. In both instances, Louis personally and effectively oversaw local relief efforts, which helped earn him the title of Louis the Good.


After his abdication, Louis Bonaparte assumed the title of Count of Saint-Leu (comte de Saint-Leu), which was a reference to his property at Saint-Leu-la-Forêt near Paris. He was appointed as the Constable of France in 1808, a strictly honorary title.


Louis Bonaparte's reign was short-lived, however, which was due to two factors. The first was that Napoleon wanted to reduce the value of French loans from Dutch Investors by two-thirds, meaning a serious economic blow to the Netherlands. The second factor was the one that became the pretext for Napoleon's demand of Louis's abdication. As Napoleon was preparing an army for his invasion of Russia, he wanted troops from the entire region under his control, the allied border countries. This included troops from the Netherlands. Louis, confronted by his brother's demand, refused point-blank. Napoleon then accused Louis of putting Dutch interests above those of France, and removed most of the French forces in Holland for the coming war in the east, leaving only about 9,000 garrison Soldiers in the country. Unfortunately for Louis, the English landed an army of 40,000 in 1809 in an attempt to capture Antwerp and Flushing. With Louis unable to defend his realm, France sent 80,000 militiamen, commanded by Future King of Sweden Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte and successfully repelled the invasion. Napoleon then suggested that Louis should abdicate, citing Louis's inability to protect Holland as a reason. Louis refused and declared the occupation of the Kingdom by a French army as unlawful. On 1 July 1810 Louis abdicated in favor of his second son, Napoleon Louis Bonaparte. He fled from Haarlem on 2/3 July and settled in Austria. Oudinot invaded Holland on 4 July. Napoleon annexed Holland to France by decree (of Rambouillet) on 9 July.


After his Dutch kingdom was taken away from him, the Austrian Emperor Francis I offered him asylum. Between 1811 and 1813, he found refuge in Graz, where he turned to writing and poetry. Louis wrote to Napoleon after the latter's defeat in Russia to request that the Dutch throne be restored to him; however, Napoleon refused. His request to visit the Netherlands was denied several times by King william I of the Netherlands, but King william II allowed him a visit in 1840. Although traveling in the Netherlands under a false name, some people found out that it was their former king, which led to a cheering crowd gathering under the window of his hotel room. It is said that he was quite moved by this demonstration of affection from his former subjects.


After the death of his eldest brother Joseph in 1844, Louis was seen by the Bonapartists as the rightful Emperor of the French, although Louis took little action himself to advance the claim. Louis's son and heir, the Future Emperor Napoleon III, on the other hand, was at that time being imprisoned in France for having tried to Engineer a Bonapartist coup d'état.


Louis Bonaparte died on 25 July 1846 in Livorno, and his remains were buried at Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, Île-de-France.


Louis Bonaparte's early career was spent in the Army, and he served with Napoleon in Egypt. Thanks to his older brother, Napoleon, Louis was given a commission in the French Military, and was promoted to Lieutenant in the 4th Artillery Regiment, and from there he was made Aide de Camp on Napoleon's staff. Napoleon, during his Italian Campaign, recommended Louis to Carnot, and Louis was consequently made a Captain. He later became a General by the age of 25, although he himself felt that he had risen too high in too short a time.

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