Keiichiro Takahara

About Keiichiro Takahara

Birth Year: 1931
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan, Japan
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Chairman and founder, Unicharm
Children: 3, Takahisa Takahara

Keiichiro Takahara

Keiichiro Takahara was born on 1931 in Tokyo, Japan, Japan. Takahara is the founder of Unicharm, maker of Moony and MamyPoko diapers, sanitary napkins and other personal-care goods. The Tokyo-listed company is run by his son Takahisa. The aging demographic and growing population in Asia has been a boon for business. The company gets about half of its revenues from sales in Asia, excluding Japan.
Keiichiro Takahara is a member of Manufacturing



According to Forbes, Takahara has a net worth of $4.6 billion, as of January 2015.

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