David Teoh

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Birth Year: 1955
Birth Place: Sydney, Australia, Australia
Known for: founder, TPG
Spouse(s): Vicky Teoh
Children: 4

David Teoh

David Teoh was born on 1955 in Sydney, Australia, Australia. A series of smart acquisitions has transformed David Teoh's TPG Telecom from a computer retailer into a major internet service provider in Australia. One of his latest purchases was a splurge on a mobile spectrum license to build Australia's Fourth network. Today Teoh, who is executive chairman, owns more than a third of the company with his wife, Vicky, who helped him get started but is no longer involved. Vicky and their four sons have launched more than a dozen startups in clothing, accessories, furniture, consumer technology, men's shoes and eyeglasses. They've also started a property investment company. Famously publicity-shy, Teoh, who emigrated from Malaysia in 1986, managed to avoid all media photographers until one staked out his Sydney home for three days in 2015.
David Teoh is a member of Telecom

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He is the executive chairman of TPG, a company he founded with his Taiwanese wife Vicky in 1992 after emigrating from Malaysia in 1986.

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