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Birth Year: 1950
Birth Place: Scone, Australia, United States
Residence: Scone, New South Wales, Australia
Education: La Pietra: Hawaii School for Girls
Known for: Heiress, Cox Enterprises
Spouse(s): Simon Parry-Okeden (divorced)
Children: 2
Parent(s): Stanley C. Kennedy, Jr Barbara Cox Anthony
Relatives: James M. Cox (grandfather) James C. Kennedy (brother) Anne Cox Chambers (aunt) Katharine Rayner (first cousin) Margaretta Taylor (first cousin) James Cox Chambers (first cousin)

Blair Parry-Okeden

Blair Parry-Okeden was born on 1950 in Scone, Australia, United States. Blair Parry-Okeden inherited a 25% stake in Cox Enterprises in 2007 when her mother, Barbara Cox Anthony, died. Cox Enterprises is a $20.1 billion (sales) automotive and media company based in Atlanta. Blair's brother, Jim Kennedy, is the company's chairman. Her grandfather, James M. Cox, founded the company in 1898 with the purchase of Dayton's Evening News newspaper.
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Parry-Okeden was born 1950 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and educated there at La Pietra: Hawaii School for Girls, which was founded by her mother, Barbara Cox Anthony. She then trained to become a Teacher.


Parry-Okeden has two sons, Andrew and Henry, with her ex-husband Simon Parry-Okeden. She lives at Rockview Station in Scone, having moved to Australia from the US in the 1970s to live with her husband at the time.


Parry-Okeden's grandfather James M. Cox founded the privately held media company Cox Enterprises. Her brother James C. Kennedy is the chairman, and her aunt, Anne Cox Chambers, is the largest shareholder and sits on the board. In 2007 following the death of her mother, Parry-Okeden inherited 25% of Cox Enterprises. She has no role at the company.


Parry-Okeden first came to prominence in Australia in March 2009 when Forbes Asia assessed her net worth at A$7.0 billion. In January 2016, her net worth was assessed by Forbes at US$9.8 billion (A$12.49 billion). Her philanthropic interests include the Shore School, the University of Hawaii's Centre on Ageing, the Scone Grammar School, and Strathearn Village, a non-profit aged-care centre.

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