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Birth Year: 1948
Birth Place: Leicester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Residence: near Uppingham, Rutland
Spouse(s): Jean Adderley

Bill Adderley & family

Bill Adderley & family was born on 1948 in Leicester, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Bill Adderley built his family fortune on furniture. Adderley and his wife Jean began trading in home textiles from a market stall in Leicester in 1979 and opened their first home furnishings store, called Dunelm, in 1984. They followed with a much larger superstore in 1991. Son Will Adderley took over full responsibility for running the company in 1996. In 2001 Dunelm ventured into manufacturing and acquired Bellbird, a maker of curtains, blinds and household accessories. By 2006 the group had expanded to 80 stores--with an inventory of some 13,000 products--and Adderley floated the company on the London Stock Exchange. Adderley left the CEO job in 2009, but returned to it last year. Dunelm is now operating more than 140 stores across the UK and runs an e-commerce business. The Adderley family still have approximately 55% of the shares.
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William Adderley (known as Bill) was born on a Council Estate in February 1948 in Leeds, Yorkshire.He is a devout Roman Catholic. Adderley left school at 16, with a basic education level. He was a boyhood fan of Leeds United


In 1979, while looking for a new job, Adderley and his wife Jeany sold curtains which had been rejected by Marks and Spencer from a stall in Leicester market. In 1984, they opened their first home furnishings store, calling it Dunelm. He retired from Dunelm at the age of 50 and left the growth of the company in the capable hands of his Son william and at this time the company floated in 2006.


In October 2013, The Guardian commented that Adderley had become the largest private shareholder in Marks & Spencer, having built a stake valued at £250 million.


According to Forbes, as of December 2014, Adderley and family own 53% of the shares in Dunelm, giving a net worth of $1.7 billion.

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