Bernard Fraisse

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Birth Year: 1956
Birth Place: Paris, France, France
Residence: Paris, France
Known for: Founder and owner of 100% of Fareva
Title: Chairman, Fareva

Bernard Fraisse

Bernard Fraisse was born on 1956 in Paris, France, France. Bernard Fraisse presides over Fareva, one of the world's largest contract pharmaceutical companies. After getting his degree in mechanical engineering, he worked as a chemical salesman before starting his own business in 1990. That first year his company generated $4.5 million in revenue. In 2016, Fareva had more than 10,000 employees and pulled in $1.4 billion in revenue. He refuses to take any private equity money and intends to keep the company in family hands. He owns 100% of it.
Bernard Fraisse is a member of Healthcare

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Fraisse founded Fareva in 1985, and the company now employs 9,500 people. Fareva is the largest contract Manufacturing organization (CMO) in France.

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