Wim Van Der Leegte

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Birth Year: 1947
Birth Place: Eindhoven, Netherlands, Netherlands
Residence: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Title: Former president, VDL Groep
Term: 1966-2016
Spouse(s): married
Children: 3
Parent(s): Pieter van der Leegte

Wim Van Der Leegte

Wim Van Der Leegte was born on 1947 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Netherlands. Wim van der Leegte ran one of Europe's largest privately held auto and bus manufacturers for 50 years before retiring in 2016. The company, VDL Groep, also produces a range of finished products, including agricultural equipment and heating and cooling systems for the oil and gas industry. Wim's late father Pieter van der Leegte founded the company in 1953, when it started producing parts for trucking companies. In 1966, when he was just 19 years old, Wim started working at the firm while studying at a technical college. Within three months he was running the company. In 1972 he took over all of his father's shares. The company kept expanding, taking over bus manufacturer DAF Bus International in 1993 and then acquiring production automation company Steelweld. After retiring, Wim's son Willem took over as president. Wim's other two children, Pieter and Jennifer, serve on the executive board. The four of them share ownership of the company. An equestrian, Wim van der Leegte owns a stud farm where he breeds and trains top show-jumping horses.
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VDL Groep, one of Europe's largest privately-held car and bus makers, was founded in 1953 by his Father Pieter van der Leegte, when it started making parts for trucking companies.


In January 2016 VDL announced that van der Leegte would be step down in November, after 50 years as President.

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