Samuel Tak Lee

About Samuel Tak Lee

Birth Year: 1939
Birth Place: Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Residence: London, England
Education: Diocesan Boys' School, Hong Kong
Alma mater: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Harvard Business School
Occupation: property developer
Children: 7

Samuel Tak Lee

Samuel Tak Lee was born on 1939 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Samuel Tak Lee's property empire stretches from Hong Kong and London to Geneva and Tokyo. The centerpiece is Langham Estate, a swath of prime retail and office space in London's West End, purchased by Lee in 1994. Since then he's built up his holdings to some 14 acres between the neighborhoods of Soho and Mayfair.
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Samuel Tak Lee was born in April 1939. He has a bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


One of his most prominent acquisitions was his purchase of London's historic Langham Estate for $75 million in 1994. He then developed The Knightsbridge Apartments in Knightsbridge, London.


In 2007, he donated $9 million to Hong Kong's Diocesan Boys' School, of which he was a student between 1951 and 1958.


In 2015, Lee donated $118 million to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to be used to establish a real estate entrepreneurship lab focused on China.

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