Rupert Johnson, Jr.

About Rupert Johnson, Jr.

Who is it?: Vice Chairman and Director, Franklin Resources
Birth Year: 1941
Birth Place: Burlingame, California, United States
Residence: Burlingame, California
Education: B.A. Washington & Lee University)
Occupation: Businessman
Spouse(s): Married
Parent(s): Rupert Harris Johnson (1900-1989) Amybelle Siler

Rupert Johnson, Jr.

Rupert Johnson, Jr. was born on 1941 in Burlingame, California, United States, is Vice Chairman and Director, Franklin Resources. Rupert Johnson Jr. is the vice chairman of Franklin Resources, a global investment management firm also called Franklin Templeton Investments. He is the second largest shareholder in the firm, after his half brother Charles who ran the company as a chairman until 2013. Their father, Rupert Sr., founded Franklin Distributors in 1947 and the business has stayed in the family ever since. Rupert Jr. joined in 1965 and has been vice chairman since 1999. Today, Rupert's nephew and Charles' son, Greg runs the company as chairman and CEO.
Rupert Johnson, Jr. is a member of Investments

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Rupert Johnson was born in 1941. His brother, Charles, served as the Chairman at Franklin Resources.


In 1965, he joined his Father at Franklin Resources, where he serves as Vice Chairman.


Rupert sits on the Board of Trustees at Santa Clara University and was on the Board of Trustees at Washington and Lee University (1993-2002). He gave $100 million to Washington and Lee in June 2007, establishing a merit-based financial aid and curriculum enrichment program. Rupert has made donations to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and the Delaware Art Museum. He sits on the President's Council of the United Religions Initiative.

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