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Birth Year: 1941
Birth Place: Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
Residence: St. Petersburg, Florida, US Arcadia, Wisconsin, U.S.
Occupation: Founder and chairman, Ashley Furniture Industries
Spouse(s): Joyce A. Wanek
Children: 3 including Todd R. Wanek

Ronald Wanek

Ronald Wanek was born on 1941 in Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States. Ronald Wanek owns America's largest home furniture manufacturer and retailer, Ashley Furniture. He started his first furniture manufacturing business, Arcadia Furniture, in 1970 with a loan from his father and money he got from selling his home. Six years later, in 1976, he merged Arcadia with retailer Ashley Furniture. Today, Ashley Furniture sells furniture in 123 countries.
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In 2012, Wanek, "a prominent Republican donor", gave $1 million towards hosting Tampa's Republican National Convention.


As of September 2015, he had a net worth of US$1.86 billion.

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