Othman Benjelloun

About Othman Benjelloun

Birth Year: 1931
Birth Place: Casablanca, Morocco, Morocco
Residence: Morocco
Occupation: Businessman
Known for: Being a bank owner and an insurance firm owner
Spouse(s): Leïla Mezian (m. 1960)
Children: Kamal & Dounia

Othman Benjelloun

Othman Benjelloun was born on 1931 in Casablanca, Morocco, Morocco. Othman Benjelloun is CEO of BMCE Bank of Africa, which has a presence in more than 20 African countries. His father was a shareholder in RMA Watanya, a Moroccan insurance company; Benjelloun built it into a leading insurer. Through his holding company FinanceCom, he has a stake in the Moroccan arm of French telecom firm Orange.
Othman Benjelloun is a member of Finance and Investments

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Othman received an education in engineering at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. During the 1960s and 1970s, Othman would make strategic alliances with global automobile manufacturers Volvo and General Motors. He is also the chairman of Meditelecom along with being associated with Telefónica and Portugal Telecom. Benjelloun is a member of the World Union of Arab Bankers.


Benjelloun's Father was a large shareholder in an insurance company that Othman later took over in 1988. He turned this into RMA Watanya. After purchasing the insurance company, Benjelloun expanded the Business venture into the banking industry. His banking enterprise, the BMCE Bank has its presence felt in at least 12 countries in Africa after it purchased the Mali-based Bank of Africa. The banking aspect of Benjelloun's Business career is worth $4 billion based solely on its market capitalization profits.

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