Nihat Ozdemir

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Birth Year: 1950
Birth Place: Ankara, Turkey, Turkey
Alma mater: Gazi University
Occupation: Founder & Director, Limak Holding

Nihat Ozdemir

Nihat Ozdemir was born on 1950 in Ankara, Turkey, Turkey. Nihat Ozdemir and his billionaire partner, Sezai Bacaksiz, met as students Gazi University and founded Limak Construction in 1976. Now a $4 billion (revenue) conglomerate focused on large infrastructure projects, Limak Group is active in energy, transportation, cement and tourism. It is currently part of a consortium working on an initial, $6-billion-plus phase of building Istanbul's third airport, due to open in 2018. Besides Turkey, Limak operates in Kuwait, Egypt, Kosovo, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Africa, Pakistan, Ukraine and Russia. It is the primary contractor on a $4.3 billion project to upgrade and expand the Kuwait International Airport. In the private energy sector in Turkey, Limak, a major builder and operator of hydroelectric power plants, ranks among the top three electricity producers.
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Limak Holding was launched in 1976 by Özdemir and Sezai Bacaksız, with Özdemir focussing on cement and Energy while Bacaksız focussed on airports and tourism. In 2011, Özdemir and Bacaksız were listed as billionaires by Forbes.

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