Murat Vargi

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Birth Year: 1947
Birth Place: Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey
Residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Alma mater: Helsinki School of Economics
Occupation: founder, chairman and president of MV Holding
Known for: founder of Turkcell
Spouse(s): married
Children: 2

Murat Vargi

Murat Vargi was born on 1947 in Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey. Murat Vargi is the founder of Turkey's largest provider of cell phone service, Turkcell. He now only has a 0.7% stake in the company, but he owes most of his wealth to its success. He has cast his net widely using proceeds from selling Turkcell shares, investing in sectors ranging from real estate and hotels to tech startups and renewable energy. Dost Energy, of which Vargi owns 51%, has found success by focusing exclusively on producing power from wind. He also owns 90% of KVK, a mobile phone distributor supplying a retail network with upwards of 1,000 outlets. Vargi, moreover, is an active venture investor and has opened a startup hub in Istanbul.
Murat Vargi is a member of Telecom

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Vargı was born in 1947. He has a bachelor's degree from the Helsinki School of Economics.

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