Mehmet Rustu Basaran

About Mehmet Rustu Basaran

Birth Year: 1946
Birth Place: Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey
Residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Occupation: businessman
Title: Chairman, Anadolubank
Spouse(s): divorced
Parent(s): Hamdi Basaran

Mehmet Rustu Basaran

Mehmet Rustu Basaran was born on 1946 in Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey. Mehmet Rustu Basaran heads Habas Industrial and Medical Gases Production Industries, a leader in industrial and medical gases and one of Turkey's largest producers of steel. The company -- founded in 1956 in Istanbul Topkapi by his father, Hamdi Basaran, under the name "Hamdi Basaran Topkapi Oxygen Plant" -- also owns a bank and generates electricity. A major player in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Habas owns LPG storage and filling stations, offers sea transportation services and operates sea ports. Basaran is known for his passion for fast cars, but he never appears in public. Since buying Anadolu Bank in a 1997 privatization, he has not been photographed by the press. Sister Aysel Basaran Tugluk also is a shareholder in the company.
Mehmet Rustu Basaran is a member of Finance



Habas was founded by his Father Hamdi Basaran in 1956. he is the chairman and part owner of Anadolubank.

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