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Birth Year: 1953
Birth Place: Bozeman, Montana, United States
Residence: Bozeman, Montana, US
Alma mater: Montana State University
Known for: Cargill heir
Spouse(s): married
Children: 2
Relatives: Austen S. Cargill II and James R. Cargill II (brothers)

Marianne Liebmann

Marianne Liebmann was born on 1953 in Bozeman, Montana, United States. Marianne Liebmann is one of 14 billionaire heirs to Cargill, America's largest private company. Her great-grandfather, W.W. Cargill, founded the business as a single grain warehouse on the end of an Iowa railroad line in 1865. The family still owns roughly 90% of Cargill, which did $110 billion in 2017 sales across food, agriculture, financial and industrial divisions. The Cargill-MacMillan family collects an estimated 18% of net profits as dividends every year.
Marianne Liebmann is a member of Food and Beverage

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She lives in Bozeman, Montana. She is married and has two children. As of May 2015, she was worth US$3.4 billion.

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