Lu Zhiqiang

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Birth Year: 1952
Birth Place: Beijing, China, China
Residence: Beijing, China
Alma mater: Fudan University
Occupation: Chairman, Oceanwide Holdings
Spouse(s): married

Lu Zhiqiang

Lu Zhiqiang was born on 1952 in Beijing, China, China. Lu Zhiqiang chairs China Oceanwide Group of Beijing, a conglomerate active in real estate, finance and technology. Oceanwide invests in or controls China-listed Oceanwide Holdings, Minsheng Holdings, China Oceanwide Holdings, Minsheng Bank and Legend Holdings. In downtown Los Angeles it is building Oceanwide Plaza, a $1 billion residential and retail complex. Oceanwide announced in late October 2016 that it would buy U.S. insurer Genworth Financial for $2.7 billion.
Lu Zhiqiang is a member of Diversified

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Lu Zhiqiang was born in 1952. He has an MA degree from Fudan University.


According to Forbes, Lu Zhiqiang has a net worth of $5.2 billion, as of August 2015.

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