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Birth Day: March 28, 931
Birth Place: Ningbo, China, China
Reign: 14 March 948 – 2 January 951
Predecessor: Liu Zhiyuan (Emperor Gaozu), father
Self-claimed successor: Liu Chong, uncle who founded Northern Han
Burial: in today's Yuzhou, Henan
Full nameEra datesPosthumous name: Full name Surname: Liú (劉) Given name: Chéngyòu (承祐) Era dates Qiányòu (乾祐), continued from Emperor Gaozu Year 1: 13 February 948 – 31 January 949 Year 2: 1 February 949 – 20 January 950 Year 3: 21 January 950 – 8 February 951 Posthumous name Emperor Yǐn (隱皇帝) Surname: Liú (劉) Given name: Chéngyòu (承祐)Qiányòu (乾祐), continued from Emperor Gaozu Year 1: 13 February 948 – 31 January 949 Year 2: 1 February 949 – 20 January 950 Year 3: 21 January 950 – 8 February 951Emperor Yǐn (隱皇帝)
Father: Liu Zhiyuan
Mother: Empress Li
Traditional Chinese: 劉承祐
Simplified Chinese: 刘承祐
TranscriptionsStandard MandarinHanyu PinyinWade–GilesYue: CantoneseYale RomanizationJyutping: Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Liú Chéngyòu Wade–Giles Liu Ch'eng-yu Yue: Cantonese Yale Romanization Lau Sing-yau Jyutping Lau Sing-jau Liú ChéngyòuLiu Ch'eng-yuLau Sing-yauLau Sing-jau
Hanyu Pinyin: Liú Chéngyòu
Wade–Giles: Liu Ch'eng-yu
Yale Romanization: Lau Sing-yau
Jyutping: Lau Sing-jau

Li Rucheng

Li Rucheng was born on March 28, 931 in Ningbo, China, China. Li Rucheng chairs China's Youngor Group, which has branched out from garments into real estate and finance. Li was assigned to work in a collective factory in Ningbo in 1980 and became factory chief in 1982. Youngor Group grew out of that business.
Li Rucheng is a member of Fashion & Retail

Does Li Rucheng Dead or Alive?

As per our current Database, Li Rucheng has been died on 2 January 951(951-01-02) (aged 19)\nnear Kaifeng, Henan.

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When Li Rucheng die, Li Rucheng was 19 years old.

Popular As Li Rucheng
Occupation Fashion & Retail
Age 19 years old
Zodiac Sign
Born March 28, 931 (Ningbo, China, China)
Birthday March 28
Town/City Ningbo, China, China
Nationality China

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Li Rucheng was born in the Year of the Rabbit. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rabbit enjoy being surrounded by family and friends. They’re popular, compassionate, sincere, and they like to avoid conflict and are sometimes seen as pushovers. Rabbits enjoy home and entertaining at home. Compatible with Goat or Pig.

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The Empress Dowager had long followed the deceased Emperor, and she has experienced many things. Your Imperial Majesty is your prime years. If there are important matters, it is best to ask her advice and follow it. You should be close to the faithful and honest, and be far away from the slanderous and the wicked. Be careful in examining between good and evil. Su Fengji, Yang Bin, and Shi Hongzhao are all the deceased Emperor's old subjects. They are faithful and caring for the state. May it be that Your Imperial Majesty trust them and use them, and there will be no trouble. As far as what happens on the battlefield, I, your subject, wishes to expend all of my foolish and foolhardy efforts, hopefully being worthy of your service.



On December 30, Guo's army reached Fengqiu (封丘, in modern Xinxiang, Henan), near Kaifeng. The people of Kaifeng were frightened, including Empress Dowager Li, who made the comment, "We did not Listen to Li Tao. Now destruction comes!" Murong, however, bragged that he could easily capture Guo — until Nie Wenjin informed him of the names of the generals in Guo's army, at which time Murong began to be apprehensive as well. Liu thereafter sent the imperial guard general Yuan Yi (袁㠖) and the former military governor of Weisheng Circuit (威勝, headquartered in modern Nanyang, Henan), Liu Chongjin (劉重進), to rendezvous with Hou, Wu, and Zhang, to prepare to engage Guo.

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