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Birth Year: 1937
Birth Place: torino, Italy, Italy
Residence: Turin, Italy
Alma mater: University of Turin
Known for: owner of 44% of DiaSorin
Title: Chairman, DiaSorin
Spouse(s): married
Children: 2

Gustavo Denegri

Gustavo Denegri was born on 1937 in torino, Italy, Italy. Gustavo Denegri is one of few Italian businessmen to have built billion-dollar companies in more than one sector. Trained as a chemist, his first breakthrough came in the auto industry when Gruppo Pro-Ind, a components firm he founded in the 1970s, merged with manufacturer Piaggio, owner of storied two-wheel brands like Vespa and Aprilia. By 1994 Denegri had built Piaggio into a $1.2 billion company; he sold off his majority stake and relinquished his role as chairman. He then moved to private equity through Iniziativa Piemonte, the precursor to today's Investimenti e Partecipazioni, and made his biggest bet to date. In 2000, Denegri's Investimenti built a stake in distressed biotech firm DiaSorin, acquiring it from American firm Standard Companies. DiaSorin is now a global player in the field of in vitro diagnostics -- tests for diseases and infections -- with revenue surpassing $500 million. In August 2016, DiaSorin, through its U.S. facility in Minnesota, was awarded $2.6 million by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop a test that would allow for early detection of the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne virus known for causing birth defects. Investimenti, run by Denegri's son Michele, has a diverse portfolio, including medical technology, real estate, and TV production.
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