Djoko Susanto

About Djoko Susanto

Birth Year: 1950
Birth Place: Jakarta, Indonesia, Indonesia
Residence: Jakarta
Occupation: Founder & CEO of PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk.
Known for: Indonesia's 17th wealthiest people (March 2012), 20th (Nov 2012)

Djoko Susanto

Djoko Susanto was born on 1950 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Indonesia. Djoko Susanto, the sixth of 10 siblings, built a retail group from humble beginnings. At age 17 he started managing his parents' modest food stall inside a traditional market in Jakarta. He added cigarettes to the lineup and began opening more stalls. He partnered with clove cigarette tycoon Putera Sampoerna to open similar stalls and then a discount supermarket chain. When Putera sold his cigarette business to Phillip Morris in 2005, Susanto bought the retail business and developed it into Alfa Supermarket.
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Djoko continued his partnership with Putera Sampoerna until 2005, then Sampoerna sold his cigarettes Business, 70% of his share to Altria including his share on the Retail Business run by Djoko. Altria did not Desire on Retail Business and then sold their shares to Northstar, but Djoko later bought the shares from Northstar, making him own the major share of 65%. He later developed the Retail Business into Alfa Supermarket. Nowadays, under the management of PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk, they run more than 5,500 stores under several brands such as Alfamart, Alfa Express, Alfa Midi and Lawson. Thus Business made Djoko become the 25th wealthiest person in Indonesia on 2011, and rose to rank 17th on early 2012, decrease to 20th by November 2012.


Djoko is the sixth out of 10 siblings, he only reached the 1st grade. He had to drop out of school because the Indonesian government banned students with Chinese names (he later changed his last name). At age 17 he started managing his parents' modest 560-foot stall inside Pasar Arjuna, a traditional market in Jakarta. The stall sold groceries at the time, but soon Djoko was peddling cigarettes and opening more stalls. His success attracted the attention of clove cigarette tycoon Putera Sampoerna. Together they opened similar stalls and then opened a discount supermarket chain.

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