David Hains

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Birth Year: 1931
Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia, Australia
Residence: Melbourne, Victoria
Alma mater: University of Melbourne
Occupation: Businessman; investor; horse breeder
Board member of: Portland House Group
Children: 5; (Richard, Stephen, Michael, Cathy, Paul)

David Hains

David Hains was born on 1931 in Melbourne, Australia, Australia. Three of David Hains' sons now run his hedge fund, Portland House Group. Richard oversees managed funds and investment in New York and London; Stephen looks after bond holdings; and Michael is in charge of equities. His daughter, Cathy, breeds racehorses, and his other son, Paul, founded online magazine Aeon in London. A former engineer, Hains stopped working for seven years in the late 1960s to improve his golf game with legendary Australian coach Norman Von Nida. He later became known for restructuring companies such as U.S. steelmaker Wheeling-Pittsburgh. He bred the 1990 Melbourne Cup winner Kingston Rule.
David Hains is a member of Finance and Investments

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Hains graduated from the University of Melbourne. He started his career as an Engineer and corporate restructurer. Through his Portland House Group, he invests in equities, fixed interest, property and managed funds globally. It is Australia's biggest hedge fund. He runs it with his children. In 1993, he sold an investment to Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel for US$107 million.


According to the BRW Rich 200, Hains' net worth was estimated as US$2.48 billion in May 2016; and by Forbes Asia his net worth was estimated as US$1.90 billion in January 2016.

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