Charles I, Duke of Brittany

About Charles I, Duke of Brittany

Who is it?: Medieval Breton Leaders
Birth Year: 1319
Birth Place: French
Reign: 30 April 1341 – 29 September 1364
Predecessor: John III
Successor: John IV
Spouse: Joanna, Duchess of Brittany
Issue: John I of Blois-Châtillon Guy Henry Marie, Lady of Guise Margaret, Countess of Angoulême
House: House of Blois
Father: Guy I of Blois-Châtillon
Mother: Margaret of Valois
Venerated in: Roman Catholicism
Beatified: 1904 by Pope Pius X
Canonized: 1364 (annulled) by Pope Urban V
Feast: 29 September (General Roman Calendar)
Patronage: -Army soldiers -Agricultural workers

Charles I, Duke of Brittany

Charles I, Duke of Brittany was born on 1319 in French, is Medieval Breton Leaders. Charles I, also known as Charles of Blois Chatillon, was a Breton leader who claimed the title of the Duke of Brittany in 1341. He is till date best remembered for his involvement in the Breton War of Succession that lasted for more than twenty years. Born to Guy de Chatillon and Margaret of Valois, Charles was a religious and spiritually inclined child. His religious fervour was such that he underwent extreme pain and discomfort to the point of crushing his own self. It was his devotion that made him renowned as a pious and devout soul. Married to Joanna of Penthievre, heiress and niece of John III the Duke of Brittany, Charles claimed the dukedom after the death of John III. However, his claims were not recognized by John of Montfort which led to conflict and subsequently the commencement of the Bretton War of Succession. Lasting for twenty long years, the Bretton War of Succession led to the death of Charles during the Battle of Auray in 1364 and the victory of the Montforts. Posthumously, Charles was canonized as a Saint but due to objection from his successor Duke of Brittany, John V, this canonization was annulled. However, in 1904, he was beautified with the title of ‘Blessed’.
Charles I, Duke of Brittany is a member of Spiritual & Religious Leaders

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Subsequently, in 1904, Charles de Châtillon was beatified and therefore may be referred to as the Blessed Charles of Blois. His Roman Catholic Feast Day is 30 September.

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