Bruno Schroder

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Birth Year: 1933
Birth Place: London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Education: Eton College
Alma mater: University of Tours University College, Oxford Harvard Business School
Occupation: Banker
Spouse(s): Piffa Schroder
Children: One daughter

Bruno Schroder

Bruno Schroder was born on 1933 in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Bruno Schroder is the great-grandson of John Henry Schroder, the co-founder of the the 213-year-old financial-services powerhouse Schroders, which has about $491 billion in assets under management. He was appointed a director of the firm in 1963; he still holds that position, making him the longest-serving non-executive board member of any company on London's FTSE 100 stock exchange. Next to him on the board is his nephew, Philip Mallinckrodt. In his spare time, Schroder flies his private plane and breeds Middle White pigs at his estate--Dunlossit House--in Islay, Scotland. A supporter of Scottish independence, he donated money to the 2014 campaign for Scotland to leave the U.K. He also reportedly owns 2% of The Economist. Schroder committed nearly $123,000 last year to lobbying groups to stop Brexit and to stop Scotland from leaving the UK.
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He was educated at Eton, University of Tours, the School of Languages Hamburg, University College, Oxford, and Harvard Business School. Schroder joined the commercial banking and corporate Finance division of J. Henry Schroder Wagg & Co. in 1960, and was appointed a Director of Schroders in 1963. Schroder is a non-executive Director of Schroder's and a member of the company's nominations committee.


Schroder married in 1969, to Piffa, and though the couple are separated, they are not divorced; due to his wife's Roman Catholic beliefs. The couple have a daughter. Schroder flies his private plane and is a keen breeder of Middle White pigs on the Dunlossit Estate. Schroder has funded the Islay lifeboat and sponsored the island's Highland games, the Argyllshire Gathering. Schroder also helped restore an old whisky distillery on Islay.


Schroder was one of a number of wealthy individuals who cashed a cheque for 97 pence sent to them by Bizarre magazine in 2001.


Schroder received an honorary doctorate from Heriot-Watt University in 2012

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